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During the last decades, the hotel industry of the “Costa del Sol” Area, has become one of the most important architectural references in Malaga, by combining its touristical and residential features.

Thus, it has been for us an amazing opportunity to work with such a big example of this typology, located next to the beach in Los Alamos (Torremolinos), in order to deal with the great challenge of solving the daily problems of a building that has been working since the 70’s and is able to house over a thousand of clients per day. This “all-inclusive” hotel includes 22 buildings, two pools, children area and outstanding green areas; as a reference of this sector, not just because of its size, but also because of its wide-ranging offer into the “family” category.

In this sense, planning became fundamental in this kind of ambitious renovation, to define the main deficiencies to solve and rank those action proposals, according to their relevance, estimated cost and importance into the daily activity of this huge residential building.

This 2017 allowed us to collaborate with the office “Area Tecnica” engineers in making the Initial Diagnosis Report, which created the basis for the owners and their different departments, in order to organize the proposals and actions to do. After creating this planning, we had the opportunity of doing the Thecnical Assistance during the first phase of this aspirational project, renovating the envelope of the buildings, rethinking the employee areas and the interior refurbishment of more than 50 rooms.

That´s the way we could approach to the essence of this hotel, through some of its more important and relevant room typologies, specially focused on the analysis and improvement of their accessibility thank to its more than 20 accessible rooms, as part of their strong commitment to people with functional diversity, along their multiple accessible paths, accesses and recreational areas.

A mid-term project created around several phases, but started from functional organization, aesthetics renovation (without rejecting the traditional style of this andalusian looking hotel), and the technological evolution required by this kind of buildings.


Antonio José Galisteo Espartero

Álvaro Fernández Navarro

Francisco Jesús Camacho Gómez


David Melero Herrera

Juan Francisco Mata Díaz

Joaquín Fernández Navarro



Urbanización Los Alamos, Torremolinos

Building Area

34.828,00 m²


GANA Arquitectura + ÁREA TÉCNICA

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